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What Else Causes A Toenail Fungus?

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Thick toenails are often associated with a toenail fungus. Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis OM) is a mycotic infection caused by fungal invasion of the nail structure 1 and is one of the most common nail disorders, representing half of nail abnormalities in adults 2 Its prevalence in Europe is around 4.3% over all age groups 3 and 15.5% of all nail dystrophies in children 4 OM is more commonly diagnosed in men and older people, affecting 20-50% of people aged over 60 years 5 An increased incidence among older people may be attributed to multiple factors, including reduced peripheral circulation, diabetes, inactivity, relative immunosuppression, and reduced nail growth and quality 6 Toenails are affected more commonly than fingernails.

Equally important in preventing thickening of the nails and toenail fungus is making sure your shoes aren't too tight fitting. If left untreated the infection spreads throughout the nail. The adult pulse dose for toenails is 200 mg orally twice daily for one week, followed by three treatment-free weeks, and repeated for three pulses.

While Lamisil is often thought of as a topical OTC solution, it can be prescribed in an oral form as well. A fungal infection appears to be spreading to the skin under the nail, the nail itself, or the surrounding skin. It improves the appearance of the nails by penetrating the nail plate and destroying the fungus under the nail.

Once the course of treatment has been completed, the toenail may take several months to improve in appearance, as it takes about 12 months for a toenail to grow completely from base to tip. Nail fungus can begin as a small white or yellow spot on the fingernail or toenail.

People pick up these fungal infections when walking barefoot on contaminated floors and object. Chronic mucocutaneous disease (disease of mucous membrane and regular skin) involves the nail plate (fingernail or toenail) and eventually the nail fold (the skin fold behind the cuticle, where the nail meets the finger or toe).

She followed this essential oils routine, and after two months, it amazingly completely cleared up her toenail fungus. To fight nail fungus effectively, it's better to start treatment sooner. The use of over the counter medications is ineffective on toenail fungus, and though prescribed medicines can be more effective, they can also cause highly dangerous side effects.

Nail fungus is the single biggest health issue affecting the nails and once infected it is very difficult to completely get rid of it. People will usually accumulate infections with age, so the older you are the more likely you are to have a problem with nail fungus.
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