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Trailers & Towing Tips

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As a full time RV'er there is little you can do to change the mileage you get when towing your rig. When the sway is corrected slow down and pull over and check your load making sure your load is evenly distributed within the trailer and that heavy items are placed over the axels. Separated from the towing vehicle. Your car or truck will have very different handling and stopping characteristics when it is towing a trailer.

A great idea if you're new to caravanning is make a comprehensive list of all the things you need to do before heading off and refer to it at all times in your pre-departure phase. There are signs in the road that drivers should always observe and follow. Turning with a boat trailer in tow is different, too.

When passed by a big truck on the left, first your trailer and then your tow vehicle may be pushed to the right by the vehicle's "bow wave." Once the truck passes, your rig may be sucked back to the left by the low-pressure zone that follows the vehicle.

Make sure your trailer and whatever you're hauling fall within the towing or hauling capacities of your vehicle. Breaking with a trailer requires a longer stopping period than a standard car or truck, and it's important to understand just how indytowservice much additional room and time you will need.

There are other types of public auctions which can offer vehicles at wholesale car buying prices. Trailer brakes help a lot, but you're still carrying a couple tons of extra weight. Always load the front of the trailer first and place 60 per cent of the weight forward of the front axle, distributing it evenly.
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