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Whether you are contemplating a new project or you simply want to rejuvenate or enhance an existing surface, you'll find all the information and resources online that you need to get started. Because a wax and polish were not used, there is not clean-up or maintenance required. This ultimately results in a different polished concrete resul. Higher PSI Concrete Contractor polishes better because it is denser and the surface does not have many highs and lows. Sometimes, you could actually look at the polished flooring and think it is probably a terrazzo surface.

It is similar to traditional polished terrazzo which is very flat and poured as a special mix to make the finish more successful. The dry method does not use any water for polishing. The polished concrete surface is also very easy to clean due to the smooth texture.

Here is an example of an unguarded concrete floor with acid etch stains. Polishing concrete with diamond concrete polishing pads impart a luxurious richness that can't be achieved by any other polishing medium while leaving behind desired degree of shine and smoothness.

Multiflake epoxy floors use concrete with small chips or flakes of multicolored material broadcast into them. The hardened and densified nature of polished concrete makes floor maintenance faster, easier and less expensive. A polished concrete floor consumes far fewer resources to produce and maintain, than one covered with additional flooring products or coating.

The owner knows that if he doesn't use a maintenance program his freshly polished marble floor will start to lose its luster in about 45-60 days from the foot traffic and the same micro-scratches that we discussed earlier. If there is too much water added to your concrete mixture it will weaken your floors because as the concrete dries it also shrinks.
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