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10 Best Floor Jacks For Cars 2019

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There are some repairs and maintenance items that can only be done from underneath a vehicle. Always raise and lower your vehicle slowly when using floor jacks. Built quality, weight, lifting capacity, warranty, and mobility are just a few of the criteria that we considered when compiling this list. Answer: A hydraulic car jack is a machine that uses a hydraulic cylinder to apply force to lift heavy loads.

There are budget floor jacks, smaller car jacks, high-lift jacks, low profile jacks, 2-ton, aluminum jacks, 3-ton, as well as heavy-duty floor jacks to name a few. Sometimes when a tool is required to hold on to something heavy like on the construction sites, this tool, which is primarily for cars can also be very reliable.

This article is just one in a series covering the major types of jacks and our topic today is: The search for the best floor jack. If you have a larger vehicle like an SUV or a truck you may want to look at going with another jack however as the lifting range on this is only 14 inches which won't get a lot of SUVs off the ground.

If you are looking for a pretty cheap floor jack that will work well for both lifted trucks and lowered vehicles, the Liftmaster should be your choice. Next up is the 3 Ton Floor Jack from Liftmaster. This system helps in lifting loads quickly and saves a lot of time.

To find the best portable car jacks, we checked firsthand customer reviews to hear about real experiences with each product. As the name implies, this kind of jack uses hydraulics to lift a vehicle. Every floor jack has a maximum weight capacity that it can lift. It is specially made for low profile cars.

A floor jack is a mechanical device, which is commonly used to lift and support vehicles off the ground. Keep in mind, the car lifting capacity must be more than 20 percent the weight of the vehicle to make sure the operation is safe. Sometimes floor jacks can get air bubbles in their systems, preventing them from functioning and getting in the way of your vehicle maintenance.

The low profile design makes this floor jack quite versatile and more functional on many levels. The low profile of this model of floor jack enables it to be stored easily, thanks to its compact build, as well as ensuring that it can easily fit under even lower vehicles or into smaller gaps that need widening.
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