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What Is The Latitude Of Dubai - Answers

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The latitude of Dubai is 25°16' North and the longitude of Dubai is 55°16' East

What is the latitude and longatude of Dubai?
The latitude and longitude of Dubai is 25.2048° N, 55.2708° E

How far is Dubai from equator?
about 25 degrees of latitude or about 1725 statute miles

What is the latitude and longitude of the Berge Dubai?
25°11′49.7″n 55°16′26.8″e

Where is Dubai geographically?
Dubai is an emirate located at the North of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is in Middle East, Southwest Asia. Latitude: 25°16'N Longitude: 55°16'E

What city is 25 degrees North latitude and 55 degrees East longitude?
Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

What is the location of Dubai with lines of longitude and latitude?
Every point on Earth has a different set of geographic coordinates, and tour dubai is a big place, with many points in it. The Deira Clocktower (Arabic: دوار الساعة ديرة), is a roundabout at the intersection of Umm Hurair Road and route D 89 (Al Maktoum Road) in east Dubai. The center of the roundabout is located at 25.25869° north latitude 55.32644° east longitude.

Is there a Dubai India?
NO DUBAI IN INDIA. INDIA IS INDIA AND DUBAI IS ALWAYS DUBAI. dubai is my aunt india is my mother

What is the distance between Burj Dubai and bur Dubai?
The distance between the tour dubai từ hà nội Burj Dubai and Bur Dubai is about 10km.

Is it bur Dubai and Burj Dubai are the same?
No,Bur Dubai is a place in Dubai while Burj Dubai is now called the Burj Khalifa and is the tallest building in the world

What is Kings Dubai?
Kings Dubai is a English school in Dubai in Umm Squiem.

Can you ski indoors in Dubai?
There is an indoor skiplace in Dubai called Ski Dubai.

How long you have been in Dubai?
In the language of Dubai how do you say 'How long have you been in Dubai'?

Is Dubai in Florida?
No, Dubai is not in Florida. Dubai is an emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The main city of the emirate is also called Dubai.

What is the distance between Dubai to Burj Dubai?
That doesnt make sense the Burj Dubai IS in Dubai. (He may mean: What is the distance between Downtown Dubai (or Dubai City Center, the British call, what the Americans call Downtowns, City Centers) and Burj Dubai? If so, about one mile.)

Are there Gamestop in Dubai?
No there is not a gamestop in dubai

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