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Is Dubai A Country Or City - Answers

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Dubai is a city.

Is tour dubai từ hà nội a country or a city?
Dubai is a city in the country of the United Arab Emirates.

Which country is Dubai?
Dubai is not a country it is a city in uae

What is the country of Dubai?
Dubai is a city in U.A.E

Is dubai a capital city or a country?
Dubai is a city (as well as the name of an Emirate) within the United Arab Emirates, it is not a country

Dubai ia a city of which country?
Dubai,United Arab Emirates (WolframAlpha)

Is Dubai a western European country?
Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates (country) in the Middle East, not in Europe.

tour dubai Is Saudi Arabia and Dubai the same?
No. Saudi Arabia is a country. Dubai is a city in the country known as the United Arab Emirates.

Is Dubai Persian?
NO. Dubai is an Arab city with a Desi majority. However, it is just across the Persian Gulf from Iran, which is a Persian-majority country.

Is Dubai and united Arab emirate the same country?
Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates.

What country is the city of Dubai in?
The United Arab Emirates.

Dubai city is in what country?
It is in the United Arabic Emirates.

Which other country has a capital city called Dubai?
In fact Dubai is NOT the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi is the Capital of the UAE; Dubai is also a city within the UAE.

Is Dubai the smallest country?
No. The smallest country is Vatican City, which is inside Rome.

Burj Khalifa in what country?
Dubai(City), United Arab Emirates(Country)

What is the population of Dubai?
1.7 million. & increasing. Remember, Dubai is a city, not a country as some people think.

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