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When you are looking to buy a concrete polishing tool, there are a lot of options available on the market and it can be a confusing proposition to understand them all. A General Routine Template Upon initially having the Polished Concrete floor installed, a general template should be followed. We will begin the polishing process by grinding the floors down to the desired profile and aggregate exposure. With over 10 years of extensive experience in the industry we can deliver an even and high polish to concrete floors in domestic and commercial environments alike.

Various tips, such as using a low-slump mix (to keep aggregate near the surface) and avoiding walking through the wet concrete (which can push the aggregate down and result in noticeable pattern differences in the polished surface), will help to ensure an attractive finish.

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process, depending on the quality of surface. If a foundation is wet or concrete is poured during the cold months on a floor that has been left unheated has a much stronger possibility of developing cracks on its surface.

Further information on the application procedure can be found in our Concrete Polishing pdf (download under the Specification tab). If you are considering polished concrete flooring then I couldn't recommend Martin highly enough. From the smallest project to the most complex intricacies of the current design trends, we stay current so Brighter Image Concrete Polishing can be your one-stop shop for concrete polishing and decorative concrete.

The list goes on. Regardless, we are now seeing a huge growth in the use of concrete floors as the finished floor" itself. The process of polishing concrete consists of three consecutive categories: grinding, honing, and polishing. Gloss values express the degree of reflection when light hits the concrete floor surface, and range from 20 to 30 (low gloss) to 70 to 80 (high gloss).

The process by which polished concrete floors are achieved gives a finish that is both easy to clean as well as long lasting. Depending on the hardness of your concrete, this may take some time but as a general guideline, 40-grit discs can then be followed by 80-grit, 150-grit, 200-grit and then finally 400-grit discs for a polished glass like finish.
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