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Seating Capacity

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CALL NOW FOR MAXI CAB AIRPORT TRANSFERS SINGAPORE. With over years of experience, we have become a well-respected comfort taxi cum maxi cab service with a reliable, affordable, and top-notch service. Please book a Hourly Disposal with a minimum of 2 hrs for Limousine Cabs and 3 hrs for Private Limousines if the waiting time exceeds the initial 30 mins.

Melbourne Maxi Taxi facilitates online bookings at any time, approximate to accurate prices and ensures guaranteed services. Booking a Maxi Taxi is a no-fuss process. We cover a broader service area in Melbourne which includes taxi services to Avalon Airport and Melbourne Airport, CBD and Melbourne Metropolitan Area.

Black & White Cabs currently has a fleet of wheelchair accessible Maxis. This service is especially helpful for those who are travelling in large groups or have too many luggage that will not fit into a regular car. Waiting time and transfers to be completed within duration booked.

The Maximum advance booking has to be the max of 3 months in advance from the time you will need Maxi Cab. We offer airport transfers for all airlines, to all Melbourne airports for both international and domestic travel. During dark, especially at night, Our drivers ensure unaccompanied female passengers are safely in their homes before driving off.

Book My Maxi Cab gives you the flexibility of maxi cab booking in Singapore at the convenience of your home. But with a 7-seater Maxi Cab, none of that appears as a problem. Melbourne Maxi Taxi is the answer to all journey needs. It is an ideal maxi cab for sightseeing because the driver will take you to every site that you have planned to visit.
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