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Polished concrete is strong, durable and low maintenance while having that earthy texture of stone with a polish equal to granite. Believe it or not, all concrete can be polished. Intuitively, one might suspect that a highly polished concrete floor would become highly slippery-and thus more of a problem. If you are looking for a truly professional, experienced, and reliable concrete polishing service in Houston then give us a call today and get a free no obligation quote on your next concrete polishing project.

Benefits include the removal of excess dust and allergens in the air, therefore reducing employee sick time, productivity, as well as HVAC maintenance costs. Despite the aesthetic shine of a polished concrete floor, polished concrete is not at all slippery. Polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood and it refers to the professional grinding of large concrete slabs and is a process of removal and refinement.

Polished concrete is, just as it sounds, a concrete slab that is polished down until a shiny finish is achieved. In that case, you have a great deal of experience working for you so you don't have to worry about excessive damage occurring to the floor, which would need to be repaired, before the concrete polishing process begins.

Not only does the attractive shine improve the floor's aesthetics , but the mechanical process of grinding and smoothing the floor actually increases the concrete's strength. With proper and intentional maintenance your polished concrete floors will last for decades.

Polished floors are beautiful, durable easy-to-maintain and clean but that is just the beginning of click the up coming web page advantages they offer. The concrete should always be professionally finished with power trowels and properly cured with water for seven days. But overall, most damaged concrete floors can be polished, but each situation is unique and must be approached as such.

No additional floor coverings are needed when you choose to polish the existing concrete. This re-polish is done in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. To polish concrete flooring, you will need a concrete polishing machine and various forms of diamond segmented abrasives.

If you walk into a place that has polished concrete flooring, you will realize instantly that the place is somewhat similar to marble. A concrete densifier is applied to harden the concrete floor surface after it has been ground down and prepare it for the polish.
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